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Kinam (Case Keenum) had a better performance this season than anyone expected, especially when it came to the Detroit lions last week. But that does not mean that Losangeles rams have forgotten their top draft of the draft this year. According to NFL's official website reported that Jared (Jared Goff) will gove against New York in London after the giants in training to get more playing time. Goff has made great progress in training since the start of the season, and the goats are more confident that if he is asked to come out, he can deal with the starting task. , based in the past three weeks on average each time the ball 9.2 yards. If he continues to maintain this performance and keep winning more than half the ram is hard to imagine, the rams will replace the starter. Kinam's teammates and coaches said this week that cheap nfl jerseys free shipping their offensive team was enough to win the game. But if it's performance against the Giants game in bad, see opportunities sooner or later gove will no longer be a surprise. it is not a new thing for a team that still has the playoffs to make the first show in the middle of the season. The ram rival giant had let Eli Manning in the 2004 season (Eli Manning) instead of Kurt Warner (Kurt Warner) first. At that time the giants were 5 - 4. If the goats lose the game in the next game, their record is 3 - 4. rams know that the decision to change the first quarterback means that they can't turn back. Even if Jeangov decided to get more time for training, he was just thinking about the future.recently Pittsburgh Steelers veteran James - Harrison (James Harrison) said he did not mind as rookie TJ watt (T.J.Watt) bench. even though Joey Potter (Joey Porter) has announced that Watt will start, Harrison's potential for potential substitutes will increase. Although the team coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) did not confirm this arrangement. Harrison, an interview with on Wednesday, said: "this is what your media told me. I knew it. It's okay. I'm not worried about this matter, no matter what the coach needs me to do. It's good to play at 39. in the past few seasons Harrison has begun to serve as a special substitute for outside guards, but his name remains on the top of the team's list. although Harrison has gradually become the substitute, but the Steelers history captured and killed the first person next season will never decline seriously, especially if Watt on the court when setbacks may be the first person to come forward to Harrison.The Green Bay Packers signed the near end Jared Cook (Jared Cook) on Monday. Cook in the 2012 to 2015 season has been played for the Saint Louis rams (now Losangeles RAMS), during which the rams starting quarterback for one after another, but no quarterback performance can make people satisfied, this is one reason why Cook the last few seasons has been unsatisfactory. So when the packers threw olive branches, Cook didn't hesitate to go to Green Bay, because he was looking forward to cooperating with top quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers). Cook said at a news conference on Tuesday, "I have made up my mind to cooperate with a reliable quarterback. There are many outstanding near end fronts in the history of the packers. I hope I can continue this tradition and provide help for Rodgers at the offensive side. He also revealed that he had talked with Rodgers in private. "I think I am much more excited than him. I feel very honored to cooperate with such an excellent quarterback." Since Finlay Jay Michael (Jermichael Finley) suffered serious injuries after the 2013 season, the packers have always been the lack of a pure ball type proximal front, the arrival of Cook can alleviate this problem to a certain extent, he also think so, he said: "the character, I don't like Finlay; but on the pitch, I have a lot of similarities with his style of play."GAME LOGPUNTINGDATEOPPRESULTPUNTSAVGLNGYDSTBTB%IN20IN20%ATTYDSAVGNETSun 1/1W 24-20450.85720300.0250.02-2-1.041.0Sat 12/24L 25-33250.05310000.000.0188.046.0Sun 12/18W 34-6342.34412700.0266.7000.042.3Sun 12/11L 17-22240.54981150.000.0000.030.5Mon 12/5W 41-10247.5519500.02100.0000.047.5Complete Game Log ?

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