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The young women's handball team handball | China 2013 summary conference held in Weifang | hand Co Luca January 20, 2014, Chinese young women's handball team 2013 annual review meeting held in Weifang Yuhua school. , the State Sports General Administration bangleiqiu hand song Center Deputy Director Meng Wei, Secretary Yang Chao, director Yao Feng handball department, Weihai sports training center of Shandong province director Cui Jiang and deputy director Wang Zhifeng, deputy director of the Weifang Municipal Sports Bureau Fu Yimin, Weifang city sports school principal Wang Wansheng, Kuiwei District Education bureau director Liu Yongping, Weifang Yuhua school principal Zhang Xuemei and the country Jiang Tao, director of the office of a small team coach Kim Jingnan, assistant coach Wang Linru, the team less all athletes and more than 30 people attended the meeting. The conference affirmed the development achievements of the national team in the past six months, affirmed the positive role of the combination of sports and education, and believed that the national team has made gratifying progress in training, learning, management and life. The meeting has carried on a more thorough analysis of young women's handball team in all aspects of the situation, the process of development problems and puts forward some effective rectification measures, and puts forward some new ideas for further development of a small country team of personnel training, to further expand the breadth and depth of a small country team development. The meeting proposed the inclusion of coaches, doctors and adjustment plans of athletes and the next selection plan. The conference also plans to arrange the team visits a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nd competitions, increase communication with international high-level teams, learn advanced training methods and methods from abroad, and lay the foundation for technology and tactics. The conference finally commended the athletes who had performed well in the past few years, and presented awards and prizes to encourage them to better invest in the learning and training of junior teams. After the meeting, we observed the training of the national team and the facilities such as functional rooms, dormitories, canteens and so on, so that we could have a comprehensive understanding of the training, learning and living conditions of the junior teams. China young women's handball team was founded in August 2013, by the State Sports General Administration Center bangleiqiu hand song, Shandong Province Sports Bureau, Weifang Sports Bureau, Weifang city Kuiwei District Education Bureau and other four units of cooperation, to cultivate excellent talents to strengthen people handball handball, only echelon construction, mode of cultivating innovative talents of handball. In September 2013, a small country team official in Weifang Yuhua school team learning and training, from 6 provinces and cities nationwide total of more than 20 athletes selected country team, Chinese Handball Association hired Korean coach Jin Jingnan to coach. (Chinese Handball Association Yao Feng)NFL official website | Terrell Pryor and | football giants. as a free agent in four waight Riel Pryor (Terrelle Pryor) on Tuesday with the New York giants made contact. Before the Pryor pass the ball is shallow in excellent physical quality, so many people think that Pryor will take over outside the other position, but Pryor said he does not play the quarterback, the giants in the trial is also fully to the identity of the quarterback. Pryor Oakland Raiders offseason was traded to the Seattle Seahawks in this year, but before the start of the season by the Seahawks laid off, after he was in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a trial last week and Brown made contact with Cleveland, but ultimately failed to make the trip. In addition to the trial giant Pryor, also the trial running back Felix Jones (Felix Jones), the main current giants running back Rashard Jennings (Rashaad Jennings) was sidelined in two, running back Andrew Williams (Andre Williams) mediocre.The official website of NFL | was sacked Steelers coach for the Cardinals football | disgruntled Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) recently attended the HBO television program "real sports", and talked about the split 2012 season with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the program, he said he was fired when the Steelers feel betrayal. During the period of from 2007 to 2011 as the Arians offensive coordinator position in the Steelers, until 2011 when the contract expires, originally confident can get a contract he was coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) told him he will be dismissed. Arians to restore the two people at the time of the dialogue in the show, he said: the day is Monday, Tomlin suddenly called me and told me that the money is not so good, I think he is in demand, so I went back to a OK, he said: "you misunderstood, I mean I can't give you a new contract.". I asked him if he was going to stir me the squid, but he said it was not. I was a little bit speechless and told him I could not give me a new contract and what's the difference between me and the squid, but it's different. During the period of in the Arians taught, the Steelers twice broke into the super bowl, and win in 2008. When asked why they feel betrayed when is the reason given by the Arians feel the work done quite well. He said: I tell the truth in the Steelers have done very well, so I was very angry, feeling cheated. Of course, time will erase everything, and now I have been relieved. As to why the class, that is his offensive style Arians by Steelers reception, he felt that he was too focused on passing the team while ignoring the punching ball attack, and he and quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) private go too close to one reason is dissatisfaction with the team.The official website of NFL | London Games: slow dolphins to fill the pit failed to jet | football October 4, 2015, the first of the NFL International Series was in London, with both Miami dolphins and New York jets against both sides. Slow in the fourth quarter despite the dolphins tried to fight back but bad third attack and four offensive that they failed to reverse. The jets won third wins over the jets in London by beating the jets in 27:14. The first section of the game dolphin is still a continuation of slow performance since the start of the offensive team only got a first attack, a total of less than 40 yards forward. And the defense team made the first two rounds of the jet in the red area and got 10 points. As the jet is rushing touchdowns with running back Chris ivory (Chris Ivory). The first race jets 10:0 lead the dolphins. second, the jet chance to score first, achieved a 13 point lead. Finally on two consecutive dolphin ball defense group jet interference (Pass Interference) to promote the foul 58 yards, dolphins quarterback Hill (Ryan Tannehill) in Tanzania to seize the opportunity, take the ball 8 yards under a touchdown, the ball is near end Stone Boehner (Jake Stoneburner). But in the end of the season, the jet successfully converted the two 3 attack to the first offense, and Dekker (Eric Decker) picked up the 10 yards pass of Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick). The dolphin has fourth consecutive games with more than 10 points into the second half. The first half of the jets took a 20:7 lead. in the second half of the game is advanced by the jet engine. This round of attack, the jet reduces the number of passes, by running back ivory and Stacy (Zac Stacy) turns to run. The dolphin defender was unable to stop, and Jean Stacy was easy to get 2 yards of the ball. The jet has pulled the lead up to 20 points. In this section, the dolphins failed to reach the range of the kicker's range from beginning to end. Eat another duck egg in this section. The jet 27:7 leads the dolphin into the fourth section. distal to the beginning of the game, Hill found some Tanzania in the state, within 1 minutes of 3 passes successfully got the second touchdowns, the ball is Steele (Kenny Stills). Soon the dolphin has organized a successful promotion, as a result of a pull jet (holding) foul, dolphins in the jets within 10 yards won a total of 8 offensive opportunities, but they are still a continuation of the field of three to four offensive without a bad performance into a attack, can not closer to a touchdown range. In less than two minutes in the game, the 4 passes of the dolphin to the array failed again. It can only swallow the bitter fruit of 3 consecutive defeats. The jet to celebrate "

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