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The official website of NFL | Werwilson: the last is no problem | football tactics Seattle Seahawks in the last attack of the super bowl to be steals end. And the choice of the offensive tactics has also become the focus of the hot discussion of the fans in the two days. On Tuesday local time, the quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) made a first sound on the tactical problem. Wilson believes that there is no problem in the tactics. Wilson said: I think there's nothing wrong with that tactic, and I'm very insistent on it. The only problem is that we failed. At that time, the Seattle Seahawks in 2 files, only one end distance yards. The team had no choice to give the ball to Marsha cheap nfl jerseys free shipping wn - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch), but to choose the passing tactics. Eventually Wilson's pass was cut and they lost the game. Wilson said the gap was big enough at the time. I just have to pass the ball. The success of the pass means the second Champions. In that case, why not? Wilson also revealed that he had watched more than 12 videos of the attack. He stressed that even if he came back, he would pass the ball in the same way.took over Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) in March of this year by the New York jets out shortly after joining with division rival buffalo Bill team, he joined after he said he did not want to be seen as a simple slot took over, he wanted to participate in more areas to simple run routes and have been unable to meet his needs. Coach Rex - Ryan Bill (Rex Ryan) on Friday said he has to request part-time HARVIN playing cornerback. Ryan said he did not oppose Halven's idea, saying that in some cases Halven would try to play the corner guard. had previously said the news Halven only exon three Bill took over, ahead of Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) and Robert Woods (Robert Woods), said Halven also need to adapt and improve the route running, Bill hope Halven can develop more unconventional running routes, but mainly in Halven run Bill, also just outside three team took over, this seemed a bit harsh team, does this mean that the team intends to let Halven more appear in the cornerback position? Is true, the regular season will see the outcome.Oakland Raiders new interim coach Toni (Tony Sparano) sparano will have to no one of the team's top catcher, with the help of trying to change the fate of the team. on Thursday in the western United States, the team has announced the wide receiver Rhodes Sicuite (Rod Streater) in the injured reserve list - specified regression. The three - grade player will be qualified to return to training before the team's thirteenth - week match against Saint Louis rams. 26 years old Street was injured in the foot of the third - week defeat to the new England patriots and was operated on last week. He was considered to be absent for 4-5 weeks, so the designation of a regression label allowed him to restore health for three weeks. in the third week of the tournament because of injury leave early before the 9 time Street made the ball 84 yards and 1 touchdowns. His absence made the Raider lose one of the most talented catchers. His team mate Andrea Holmes (Andre Holmes) will be more in the wide receiver James Jones (James Jones) and unstable (Denarius Moore, Denali Moore) play together time.The Shanghai club |2015 Bowling bowling tournament held in this group of friends happy Ding Jie bowling alley ??????????????????????????????????икид??????????????????????????????????????????????????????2015??????????????club??????????

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