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Pierre - Thomas (Pierre Thomas) is the latest victim of the latest series of offensive players from the New Orleans saints. Although the saints were very deep in the lineup, there was no one that could replace Thomas's role in passing the ball. as the first runner, Thomas has already taken 18 passes to cover the saints. He has the largest number of saints in the running. Only the whole Austen Johnson (Austin Johnson) has more times to pass the ball than he did. However, the saints often do not run to cover. Their offensive frontline players only have 2 seasons pass pass cover and get a positive score, so the lack of pass protection will cause more concern. is much more concerned about passing. Thomas scored 5.1 points in the season. He is the tallest of any member of the saints. He runs at 1.77 yards each time. He is the eleventh in the league who has been passed over 14 times. But after he was injured for his running back Telaweilisi - Kedit (Travaris Cadet) code number for each run route 1.97 yards, ranked seventh. , however, Kedit was exposed to the problem of unstable performance. In the 19 times of passing the ball to him, he took off one time and dropped the ball once. The good news was that in the past two games, Kedit had been scored on the ball. He will continue to make great efforts to make up for the loss of Thomas.The official website of NFL | ram player without cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the intentional | football coach Coach Geoff - Fisher RAM (Jeff Fisher) against the red race designated 6 players participate in the pre game coin toss, they are with Norris - Jenkins (Janoris Jenkins), Michael Bullock (Michael Brockers), Zach Stacy (Zach Stacy), Stedman Bailey (Bailey Steadman), Greg Robinson (Greg Robinson) and Eric Aogeteli (Alec - Ogletree). Their common point is that the goats choose their new show sign from 12 years of Griffin III trade. Interestingly, the protagonist, Robert trading Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) the game is scheduled as a substitute sidelined. After the , the ram player said it was not known in advance as the intentional arrangement of the manager. Bailey, the 6 of them, said, "we hadn't been told before, so I thought," maybe these guys have been doing well recently. " And then he said, it's quite reasonable to look at it now. I'm glad the coach made the decision. according to the Saint Louis local media news, Fisher is perhaps such a move because he and Mike (Mike Shananhan) - sweet story profound friendship, and at the end of last season after being fired red. This is likely to be a good friend of Fisher head. Of course, as an outsider, this thing is very interesting, after all, like Fisher has to be known, they see spoof tricky few.even-even soccer equipment according to our network this week to master the details of the 2018 World Cup of American sports giant Nike and local high street brand OFF-WHITE to launch a series of joint works. According to @py_rates, Nike labs will work with football players to work with Off-White. and now it seems that the rumors of cooperation already began to take shape, and Off-White itself also point praise twitter before @py_rates exposure. If the exposure is true, then we will see a home and Away Jersey Jersey complete series, as well as the corresponding socks, hoodies, jackets, football and other Nike soccer shoes in the summer of 2018 complete series of single product. In this way, Nike hopes to integrate football and fashion into a new height during the 2018 World Cup.In the base of | "Juque Cup" China college baseball and softball Championships out of 6 titles approved by the Ministry of education Chinese University Sports Association, sponsored by the Chinese General Association Baseball Association, CO organized the State Sports General Administration of China Baseball Association, Guangzhou Sports University hosted the 2011 seventh session of China college baseball and softball Championships at the Guangzhou Sports University beat the drums of war in July 26th, the afternoon of August 1st successfully completed the full schedule, to decide the winner of all six group champion. from the national universities including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Xiamen University, Zhongshan University and other schools of the 34 great men and women softball team, participated in the men's baseball a A group (high level group), B group (a men's baseball sports colleges group), group B, men's baseball and women's softball women's softball ball group a group B college group and college group six categories of competition. The team and the referee braved the scorching sun, after 8 days of fierce competition for Shanghai International Studies University, won the men's Baseball Championship a A group, a B group of Guangzhou Sports University won the men's baseball championship, Guilin Institute of Tourism won the men's baseball B championship, Nanjing University of Technology won the women's Softball Championship division, Communication University of China won the women's softball group B college champion, Guilin Institute of Tourism group B College Softball championship. of the Guangzhou Sports University, North China University of Technology, Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology, Zhongshan University, Guangdong College of Industry and Commerce, Southern College won the sports morality award, the other 35 people rush to get excellent pitcher, Homer award, best batsman, outstanding coaches and referees and other individual awards. the afternoon of August 1st, with the end of the baseball game in group B, 8 days of the 2011 Juque cup seventh Chinese college baseball and Softball Championship race successfully completed. Then, the award ceremony was held. Dean of Guangzhou Sports University professor Chen Zirui, vice president of Guangzhou Sports University, China University Sports Association vice president of baseball branch Chen De Ping Professor, deputy party secretary of the Guilin Institute of Tourism, China University Sports Association vice president of baseball branch professor Jiang Wei, Guangzhou Sports University School of party office director Guo Haiyan, director of training at the Guangzhou Sports University contest contest referee Chen Xiaomin Jiang Wen, softball, baseball umpire long Chen Zaiying, total record long Wu Yunsheng attended the ceremony. Chen Zirui, Dean, vice president of Chen Deping and Deputy Secretary of Jiang Wei respectively awarded the top three teams and the sportsmanship awards. Guangzhou Sports University also won the best organization award and special contribution award. after the award ceremony, the general association of baseball branch secretary Xu Yong said, the Guangzhou Sports University event organization is the National University Baseball Championship since the best time; Guangzhou Institute of baseball and softball project not only to grasp the construction of the professional team, should be popularized to more students to participate.

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