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Club of Kaiserslautern and the German football sports brand DO YOU FOOTBALL jointly launched to commemorate the German legend Fritz Walter's 90th anniversary two Jersey, Fritz Walter was born in October 31, 1920, playing just over the Kaiserslautern occupation career and the German national team, is regarded as synonymous with loyalty, Fritz Walter in 1951 and 1953 two to lead the team in Kaiserslautern won the national championship, and in 1954 to lead the Germany team in Switzerland staged "miracle of Bern" won the world champion. Fritz Walter died on 2002, the club will be their home court Kaiserslautern named Fritz Walter stadium. jersey for the guest field two, home court a dark red jersey, Jersey team in 1951 and 1953 vintage to win the national championship Jersey style, team logos around a circle with ornate gold collar, embroidered on the rear of golden Fritz Walter's signature, left cuffs embroidered golden the 1951 and 1953 words, the Bundesliga team last weekend beat 3:0 M cheap nfl jerseys free shipping onchengladbach is to wear this shirt. is another white shirt Away Jersey in 1954, staged a "miracle of Bern" West Jersey modeled on the collar and sleeves with dark red instead of black, chest badge position Fritz was put on the head of Walter and cuffs embroidered on the left is 1954 words, behind Fritz Walter's most famous aphorism "Der Schl ssel Zum Erfolg ist Kameradschaft; und der Wille alles f r den anderen Zu geben.".NFL official website, Fawcett: I will be the first crow running back in football nest after retreating and resigning, the running guard Justin Forsythe (Justin Forsett) returned to the Baltimore crow's lineup again. On Monday local time, the two parties signed a contract for two years and the contract value was 6 million. In an interview, Forsythe insisted that he would face buffalo Bill with his first identity. Forsythe said: I'm going to be the first of the team. My job is to let people understand this and dominate my position. It is reported that the crow has previously decided to retire Foon in order to leave the place to put other players into the injury list. As Forsythe can be a free player directly after being cut back, the crow can sign him again. In addition, the new contract contains an incentive clause, and he will receive a $100 thousand bonus if flush exceeds last year's number of punches. manager John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) said he had done it well, which was in line with our expectations. He is a good player and we want him to stay in the team, so he chooses to stay in the team. The crow may take more rotation in the running position, although he is expected to play in a first place. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.even-even soccer equipment network UMBRO company in England jointly launched the team club Everton 2016-17 season New Jersey, inspired by the club's most historic a Jersey, New Jersey with almost black and navy blue salmon re combination, these two colors are from the 1890-91 season of "toffee" for the first time in the history of England won the league title when the color of the shirt. lightweight Jersey overall Dark Navy Blue, the inner layer of the salmon is displayed in the neckline and cuffs, in stark contrast. and before the launch of the new home court Jersey, Jersey expressed with a long history at Goodison Park emotion, LED display in the double stands on the road were arranged in a crisscross pattern steel structure is positioned below the parapet, the geographical coordinates stadium -- "53.4389 N, 2.9664 W (North) (West after)".The official website of NFL | Vikings linebacker Greenwich | Rugby required to accept a pay cut Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad greenway (Chad Greenway) and the team has agreed to pay for the team, it will also save more than $3 million in salary space. Greenway's contract with Vikings will enter the last year of next season. He could have taken 7 million of the basic salary and reduced the number to 3 million 400 thousand. Relevant sources, the contract has 1 million guaranteed, in addition to Greenwich as well as the opportunity to get 600 thousand bonus. in the reorganization of the contract, the Vikings make 3 million 225 thousand of the original salary space, will cause the impact on the 8 million 800 thousand at the team's salary cap in the next season, the team number is not acceptable. Earlier rumors said that if Greenwich refused to pay cut, the team may choose to cut him back. earlier this month, the Vikings general manager Rick Spielman (Rick Spielman) said that the 32 year old Greenwich can end its occupation career in the vikings. The 2 professional bowl star guard has been a member of the Vikings since joining the league and has been playing for 8 seasons. Last season, Greenwich played 12 times, completed 93 tackles, although the team tied for second, but still hit a career low.

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