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Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch) completed his first career in the Atlanta falcons game, and his performance is very consistent with a rookie's performance. Lynch the ball too long, the pace is very poor, in the shotgun formation of poor performance and unable to cope with the pressure on your opponent in bad line after. Trying to get four points starting Mustang waight Trevor Simeon (Trevor Siemian) to recover from the left shoulder at the same time winning abacus fall. According to the official website of NFL reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that when the next game is against San Diego Broncos lightning, an expected return as a starter sago. "according to my understanding Trevor - simian will start the game for the wild horse in the next game," Rapoport said. "In the last game before the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping plan is to first round pick Paxton Lynch first, so Simeon in the game against lightning Thursday night before for a few days of rest, and then make regression with Ann sago -- of course is the pain on his left shoulder injury, it is very painful, but will not affect his passing ability. In addition, it gave simian a whole week to prepare for a match against lightning, and Paxton - Lynch's preparation time would have been shortened. So it looks like Simeon will return to the start unless something changes in the next few days. if simian is healthy, he may be the first to start the season for the rest of the season, and Lynch can continue to be trained.the New York jet won a victory over a long time this week, and they defeated the equally poor Tennessee Titan. It's good to win, but it also means that the hope that the jet is trying to get the number one is very slim. Some fans may be sorry, but the coach, Rex Ryan, disagrees with that. Ryan said, "you should all know that real fans don't want to see a team that supports any game. We don't care about getting a number of signs at the end of the season, we just want to win. If I can get Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) through draft, then I may consider winning a better position with victory, but unfortunately, this is not a fact. jet has been to get a good quarterback from the draft now, just won the Heisman Marcus - Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) is undoubtedly the best candidate. Ryan says it's time to wait for the draft to discuss the draft. He believes the team can make the right choice at that time.earlier this week, the Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) in the hope of starting center Marx Unger (Max Unger) to the weekend debut, but it may be a vain hope. "Marx took part in a part of the training on Friday, and he will be included in a doubtful list, and I believe he will be back in the near future." because of a knee and ankle injury Angus has missed the last 3 games, while another injury in the key figures, tight end Cooper Helfet (Cooper Helfet) the recovery of much, Carol said highfast good performance in training, if he will play in the game will need. obviously, the Seahawks to beat the morale of the San Francisco team of 49 people should not be a problem, but Carol firmly believes the team will not let down. "They are an outstanding and experienced team, they know how to win, and everything is possible on the court. We must keep this in mind in training, and we must face it with a serious attitude."in March this year, the Miami dolphins signed before the rams safetys T.J. Macdonald (T.J. McDonald), they are also very clear that the player will be suspended for the first half of the season because. but Macdonald's performance after joining the team looked really stunning for Miami, so they were willing to give a long contract. According to ESPN reporters, dolphins completed a $24 million contract for four years on Saturday with Macdonald, including $10 million. Macdonald spent the last four seasons on the rams, harvesting 285 grappling, 5 escapement and 4 copying. Before signing a contract with the dolphins in March, was banned for violating the league's drug abuse policy and was able to return to the dolphin ninth weeks this season.

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