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even-even soccer equipment network a public park Thursday morning of Prussia after training, the German Monchengladbach Club officially announced the new season 2016-17 Team Jersey home court in front of enthusiastic fans, Saturday home court with the Leverkusen team in the Bundesliga, "pony" will complete the New Jersey debut.The Kevin - White (Kevin White) rookie season has not yet begun. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Chicago bear's first round show this year will not be activated from the list of injuries that cannot be played. White underwent surgery for a stress fracture of the left leg in August. Although the coaching team has indicated that he has made remarkable progress in the recent movement and strength, he is still far away from th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e return game. bears overall pick in the first round of the ninth draft of this year White, hope he can replace was traded to the New York jets in exchange for a five round of signed wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and Shanghai - Geoffrey and Al (Alshon Jeffery) as a partner. This vision has not been realized because of White's injuries. White also said this week that he wanted to be able to play. The bear team can wait until Tuesday to make a formal decision. Even White from the approaching end of the season when the benefit played a few games, the bears won't risk aggravated his injury and ruin his offseason.Raiders coach Jack - Austria (Jack Del Rio) Delhi said he believes coalition after investigation safety. Darion Stuart Mustang (Darian Stewart) took over Cooper Amari (Amari foreign Cooper) the impact of the latter therefore leave. In the second quarter, left 4:42. When Cooper passed the quarterback, Derek Carle (Derek Carr) passed the ball, he tried to get more yards. Stuart hit the Cooper head from the low left shoulder, and he was blown off and fouled. Cooper lay on the ground for a few minutes, then by the two teams left his trainer. An examination of concussion is being received and the injury is still not updated. "this is a ferocious impact." Delio said, "to be honest, the impact shouldn't be in the game, and the alliance is trying to reduce it. I'm sure the ball will be investigated by the league. Our players were obviously unguarded, but they were deliberately hit on the head. It was a very dangerous move, and fortunately Cooper was all right. " even regretted the quarterback Carle, saying, "I have to control my emotions, and I always think it's my fault that he's hit." I had to pass the ball to the place where it was passed, but every time he was hit, I didn't feel well in my heart. (center Rodney - Hodson), seeing my expression, came to encourage me to 'don't look like this, we must win'. I agree with him, and I'll be all right. But after all, Cooper and I fellowlike."Monday marks Jed viand (Jadeveon Clowney) - clowney return key day. Houston Dezhou moved the winner of last year's top show out of the injury list and gave him a careful return to training on Monday. "I feel very good," Klauni told the media after training. "It's great to be able to play with my teammates. I'm so excited to be able to return. It would be great when I could go back to the field and hit the pass. I'm tired of hitting a dummy that will not strike back. " manager Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) after the team's 23-10 victory over San Francisco's 49 people said Klauni would be part of the training at the start. "He won't be in full training, but he will return to the training ground," Obrien said on Saturday. last week in Obrien when speaking clowney said he would not rush to talk ambiguously, let it recover from microfracture knee surgery in the latter regression. The Dezhou people did not immediately let the pass hit the team to join the team, but the goal of Monday's return to training was a reliable sign. His departure from the injury list means that he should be prepared for the rotation of the role at least before the opening of the war.

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