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even-even soccer equipment network Nike to join the French club of Lille (Lille OSC) jointly launched a new team in the 2015-16 season home court Jersey, modern design brings a new aesthetic design, two tone red and deep navy blue details to promote the traditional club. the new season Lille team bold Jersey home court combines two red tone, to create a fresh and unique aesthetic taste. The main body of the shirt is Lille's traditional red, the shoulders and the sleeves on the red more deep, two kinds of red together to build a powerful and unified appearance. Deep navy blue stripe surrounded by light - this shirt is not only reflected the details of the design of the Nike logo, more players to provide the performance, technology innovation and sustainable environmental protection kits. Nike Dri-FIT technology can absorb sweat from the body to the outer cheap nfl jerseys free shipping surface of the Jersey and quickly evaporate. It will keep the players dry and comfortable and put into the game at the best.Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) in this offseason to become a free agent. But the New Orleans sage quarterback, of course, felt that the playoffs for the Minnesota Vikings were the last of his saints. When was suddenly asked on Sunday that he thought he had a future in the saints, Bracey answered directly, "yes." , the future quarterback of the hall of fame, then said on twitter, "I love your saints fans. I love our team. We are doomed to be a great cause. " It sounds like he's ready to renew the saints. In an interview with on Tuesday, Bracey further clarified his attitude. "I don't want to keep it," Bracey said when he talked about his contract. "I felt it 2 days ago. I felt it 12 years ago. That's where they want me to stay as long as they need me. " Bracey will be a free player in March unless the two sides quickly reach a consensus. The saints could not give him a privileged label. Whether Bracey will be in the battle or not, he will take up $18 million in the team's salary space in 2018. If both parties sign a new contract, the number will only get bigger. In spite of the unexpected progress of , it will be a shocking thing to see Bracey joining other teams at the moment. Brisbane season did not decline significantly. Anyone who doubts his ability only needs to look at the second half of the game, and Bracey's excellent defensive team in the face of the Vikings almost completes the reversal. The best place for Bracey to end his career was the saints in the case of a number of outstanding young players in the attack group.Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) is about to start his seventeenth career journey, and he will be 39 years old. needs to know that most of the quarterback in this alliance can't continue to play at this age. And now he doesn't want to connect his name to the "old" word. , on the American time Wednesday, after the end of the training camp of Denver wild horse, Manning told reporters that he now accepts only a part of his description, but he will let reporters no longer mention the three words that he has always been on him (old). He said, "you have always used me to describe me many times. You should use its synonyms, experienced and experienced, etc. These are my favorite words.The official website of NFL | Eagle rookie linebacker Hicks | football season Philadelphia hawk's line guard's lineup was hit again. Rookie Jordan Hicks (Jordan Hicks) injured his chest muscles in the battle against Dallas cowboy last week. After undergoing magnetic resonance imaging, the team decided to put him on the list of injury reserves. It also means that the 2015 season of the excellent line guard has ended in advance. as of this week, Hicks's capture number was second in the hawk's team, and the last time he finished a wonderful copy of the attack. After the season's reimbursement, his rookie data will stay in 50 escapement, 1 escapement, 3 shot pass, 1 forced ball drop and 12 copying. As the biggest surprise of the hawk defense team this season, Hicks's wound back will affect the team's defensive deployment to a certain extent. is worth mentioning is that the second week and the cowboy's game, it is Hicks's tackle lead Toni Romo (Tony Romo) absent because of injury of at least 8 weeks. The good news is that another linebacker Chico Alonso (Kiko Alonso) has come back.

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