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NFL's official website, Bill - DELL card quarterback Jones graduated from the Ohio State University, Waterloo Rugby The Buffalo Bill quarterback card DELL Jones (Cardale Jones) graduated from Ohio State University on Sunday. Jones told the media that he returned to university this spring to finish the remaining two courses, and now he will receive research degrees from African Americans and Africa. He left school ahead of time in the NFL draft in 2016. Bill selected him in the fourth round. in 2012, Jones pushed the meaning of class on twitter, which caused national attention. In the push, Jones said, "if we're here to play, why do we have to go to class?" We don't come to school. Class is meaningless. Jones then deleted the text, and the school issued a statement to remind students not to release anything embarrassed to make themselves, team members, universities, family members, other groups, organizations or individuals on social media. last week, when Jones was about to graduate, he sent the screenshot out of the screen. Jones led the national champion at Ohio State University in the 2014 season. He finished the NFL debut in the regular season of the season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is cheap nfl jerseys free shipping responsible for its authenticity.NFL official website, [review] events Crabtree lore, Raiders 31:30 sent two defeats, chief football nest Beijing time October 20th, Friday morning, 8:30, regular season, seventh weeks, Thursday night race arrives in Bay Area: Oakland Raiders are at home, facing the same area's deadly enemy Kansas City chieftain. The two teams in the west side of the United States played in the past five times, and the chieftain had a full victory. The Raiders last defeated the chieftain in the 2014 season. The chief quarterback Arrakis - Smith (Alex Smith) had a stunning 9 - 1 defeat against the raider's historical record. This season, the chieftain is currently 5, 1, and the Raiders are 2 and 4. The good news is that they ushered in the return of Derek Carle (Derek Carr) this week, which is expected to continue to impact the tickets for the playoffs. more ahead of the game, please click here The chief of the field operations first sent the attack group. The quarterback Arrakis Smith rushed out of his pocket and passed the ball to find Demarcus Robinson and took 16 yards. Soon the near end front Dmitry Harris (Demetrius Harris) also received 12 yards. This gave the kicker a chance to try a 53 - yard free kick. Harrison - Bartek (Harrison Butker) took the first step and the emirate took the lead in 3:0. The Raiders responded quickly. First, the near end front Jared Cook (Jared Cook) passes the ball to advance 24 yards. Enter the Emirates half, they resorted to flea flicker tactics, running back Sean ma - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) the ball back to the quarterback Derek Carle, who took over the Cooper pass outside the Amari (Amari Cooper), Cooper opened the cornerback Terrence Michel (Terrance Mitchell), completed a 38 yard touchdown catch. The referee group decided not to punish Cooper for interfering with passing fouls after deliberation. The Raiders took the 7:3 4 points. chief executive runner Kareem Hunter (Kareem Hunt) pushed the ball forward 34 yards, plus an illegal collision pass foul. The chieftain soon entered the red area. Eventually the near end front Travis Kelsey (Travis Kelce) received a 10 - yard pass to score, and the emirate again took the lead in 10:7. The Raiders here, Amari Cooper catch 45 yard touchdown, the Raiders made it at 14:10. The first section of 's madness is over. The chief third out, and on the offensive team is not good, they rely on illegal contact foul chief cornerback escaped a lost ball. Finally the Raider failed to get into the free kick and had to throw the kick as well. The chief attack group begins at the 1 - yard line in the half.was slightly less than half the first round of the 2014 rookie - 14 out of 32 - the first debut in the first week of the game. It was also interesting that 3 of the 35 starters were selected. 7 team started at least 2 rookies, of which buffalo Bill, Jacksonville Jaguar and Oakland Raiders each started 3 rookies. There are 8 teams have a rookie Starters: Chicago bears, Denver broncos, Detroit lions, new England patriots, New Orleans saints, Philadelphia eagles, San Diego lightning and Tennessee titans. The total of 's 35 starters were 4 less than 2013, 15 less in 2012, 12 less than in 2011. In the past 10 seasons, this figure is more than 6, which is more than 2010 of 39 and 2008 36 less. But that's more than the 34 in 2006, 32 in 2007 and 2009, and 26 in 2005. 7's first two show started in the first week, including 4 three show, 2 four show, 1 five show, 3 six round show and 1 seven round show. The first ten players of the 6 list were selected. Not to start players list eyes reg - Saint Louis ram Robinson (Greg Robinson), Jacksonville Jaguars third Blake bottos (Blake Bortles), Cleveland Brown eighth rookie Justin Gilbert (Justin Gilbert) and the Detroit lions tenth rookie Eric - Ai Bolong (Eric Ebron). from the school perspective, University of Miami and Ohio State University respectively from 3 first rookie, is the largest, with seven round pick - Terrell Henderson of University of Miami produced incense (Seantrel Henderson) player (Buffalo Bill) and defeated rookie Alan Hearn (Allen, Hurns) (Jacksonville Jaguars). Clemson University, Luis Weil University, University of Missouri, University of Tennessee, and Dezhou agricultural machinery university each produced 2 first starters. The SEC took the lead in 10 first starters, followed by 7 in ACC and 5 by Parke twelve (Pac-12). The Ten Major League (Big Ten) and Shanxi Alliance (Mountain West) each have 3, the Central American Union (MAC) and the United States have their own sports league in 2, and the 12 major league (Big 12), independent schools and Football Championship division (Football Championship Subdivision, FCS, note: before the listed Union for the football bowl games division, Football Bowl Subdivision, FBS) have their own school school) 1. The largest number of starters is the 〉 Help | Press | Advertise on | Sales Media Kit | Interest-Based Ads | Corrections | Contact Us | Site Map | Jobs at ESPN 2018 ESPN Internet Ventures. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Your California Privacy Rights, Children's Online Privacy Policy and Interest-Based Ads are applicable to you. All rights reserved.

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