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even-even soccer equipment news according to the German "Bild" news, although China for harvest in Bayern, but in an interview, Bayern CEO Rummenigge said Chinese the copycat shirt too much, this is not the love of Bayern. Bayern ended 9 days of China, which brought about 10 million euros in revenue for them on the Chinese market, Bayern Wacker executives said, "we will Chinese as the main market, the market research shows that we have a potential of 90 million fans here." although the Bayern opening China market also achieved good results, Chinese also achieved great success, but one thing is a headache for Bayern high, it is a huge market full of fake jerseys, which in every city, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are no exception, these big city can be seen everywhere Bayern copycat jersey. , the German Bild reveals that the price of the fake and inferior products is between 10-30 euros, while in general, the price of the genuine Jersey is 75 euros. when it comes to the sit cheap nfl jerseys free shipping uation of Chinese cottage Jersey, Rummenigge said, "I don't like to hide it. We don't like this situation. We must see that fans buy the official Jersey, which has been the best in life."seems to have found the team the Miami dolphins quarterback Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) Taney would be the long term leading the team. The next season, the last year of Tanja Hill will enter its rookie contract, the team appear to be shot as soon as possible and he continued under ca.. next season, Hill will take the Taney basic wages and 1 million 450 thousand $660 thousand roster bonus, he will cause 4 million impact on the team's salary cap. According to insiders, if dolphins and Tanja Hill not in the next 6 weeks to renew the agreement, the team option fifth years the team will not hesitate to perform the contract. If the option is in effect, Tanja Hill will take about $16 million. is no longer rich in salary space with the join of Ndamukong Suh. But it certainly won't affect the team's determination to renew Tanni Hill. There are news that dolphins will bring up a big contract worth more than $100 million for 6 years to lock the core quarterback in their mind. For Tanja Hill, the total contract value is important, but whether to agree to renew the contract will be the key to the security of the part to take much share.quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) in the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat to Jacksonville Jaguars game aimed at their own. In the worst game of his career, he had 5 passes. In 9-30 lost, Wallace said "maybe I no longer have the ability to give excellent performance." is more like a post game dejected response and unofficially announces a decline in performance, but the Big Ben is obviously affected by the bad performance. This is the since the 1987 Mark - Malone (Mark Malone) has been the first single game 5 passes by the Steelers player steals. It was the first time since 2006 that he had been copied by more than one pass by his opponent and returned to attack. This season the league only Indianapolis pony quarterback Scott Torsin (Scott Tolzien) has had such a performance. on a single game, there were at least 5 passes that were copied, and the quarterback who didn't get the pass was Fitzpatrick, the third week in the 2016 season (Ryan Fitzpatrick). The said it is difficult to specify the Steelers offensive group problem. This year the Steelers offensive group had a large number of offensive weapons but averaging just 19.8 points. has passed 55 passes in the field 33 times, and has completed 312 yards. He said he needed to improve every place, but he pointed out that he had had a bad performance before and then rebounded. "after playing long enough, you know not to panic," said the Big Ben. "I won't have such ideas as' Oh God, what should I do to change this and go for help. I just get ready for training at the training ground on Wednesday. "Brown of Cleveland to Mccann in the absence of quarterback Josh (Josh McCown) under the condition of eighth weeks against the Arizona Cardinals. The veteran quarterback was injured in the shoulder during a game that was lost to Saint Louis rams on Sunday and did not take part in Wednesday's training. Coach Brown Mike - Si (Mike Pettine) had told reporters now Mccann has made it very difficult for him to continue to participate in training. Mccann's injury, means that the substitutes for the quarterback Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel) became the starting of the training. However in Manzel to be ready for the next start at the same time, his off the storm not Ping Xie, who broke the news NFL Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Manzel on October 12th on the highway and girlfriend accident on Wednesday met with investigators NFL. Rapoport also said that despite the accident, it was almost impossible for Cleveland to keep Manzel from playing. Brown has gone through two consecutive defeats, 2 to 5, third in the north of the United States.

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