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New York giant bishop Mcadoo (Ben McAdoo) didn't need to watch the game again, so it was clear that his team had a bad performance on Sunday. The giant only scored 3 points in the face of the Dallas cowboy. The attack team was only 233 yards ahead, and the final score was 3 to 19. After , Mcadoo used his "very disappointed" to describe his offensive team. He said in an interview: "the performance of the offensive team is very disappointing, and every part of the offensive team has no effect. 's comment is obviously very accurate. The giant passes only 198 yards in the game, and the ground is only 35 yards. Obviously, no matter passing or running, it doesn't show any performance before the cowboy's defense. may be more important for the current giant, and perhaps the return of Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.).tiger news June 28th since the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) and after the team completed a 5 year contract in 2015, he had not reached the expected level, then the next season he will have a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping strong performance? recently took over foreign coach Derek jeans (Derek Dooley) also have positive comments, for Bryant he said: "as long as he can maintain the training condition, to avoid injury, I think the sky is only able to limit his." The 2015 season due to injury, Bryant only played in 9 games for 401 yards and 3 touchdowns advance. Injury in the 2016 season again hindered his performance in 13 games with 50 matches and 796 yards and 8 yards. was the twenty-third League player in the League last season, and we are sure that if Bryant returns to normal, it will rise. Duli also commented on Bryant's offseason training: "his route running, his route details are in progress, he knows there are many places need to progress, he's getting better."In order to pay tribute to Brazil legend Ronaldinho, new Ronaldinho's Nike Tiempo Legend V football shoes are sold in a global limit of 3000 pairs. However, the 35 year old midfielder has not been recruited for the September 5th national team list against Costa Rica and September 8th friendly against the US team, so he will not be wearing the new 2015-16 Home Jersey.Beijing time December 8th, the South National Warring States union No. 1 seed contender, New Orleans saints, challenged the Super Bowl runner up the Atlanta falcons last season. Saints this season the offensive run combined, reusing two running guard Kamala and Ingram, supplemented by Drew - Bracey's excellent pass, excellent performance. The Falcon the season too strongly rival many, although still in the wild card race, but the record is still not ideal. The opening up is a saint initiative, to continue to explore the value of the two running back. A 10 yard Ingram ran for 3 yards, 7 yards Kamala second slot array, rely on external space to get the ball over the whole 23 yards away. After that, Kamala ran the ball for 8 yards, but in the second attack, the helmet hit the defender's helmet and he was injured. He could only leave the field for examination. The opening of the saints would damage a general. After Drew Bracey began to play, first pass Thomas to get the first attack, after a 10 yards to find Hill again to get the first attack to the red zone. But after a third attack and did not get enough yardage, Falcon defense extension resistance ground attack of the saints, saints chose the kick, 3-0. falcons attack, 10 yards of Matt - Ryan straight in the middle of the way Wei De von PTA - Freeman took 8 yards, and then the saints sent two fouls to send the first attack. Two poor offense, the key third 6 yards, Matt Ryan's find the road to meet Julio outside Jones, the latter straight out three tackles even advancing 38 yards! But the red zone defense of the saints is very effective. It exerts enough pressure on Matt Ryan. There is no gain in two passes and a free kick. It is 3-3. Saint attack, the fate of Kamala Drew - after Bracey need to take more responsibility to promote, to feel good, it has repeatedly found outside the objective of promoting the over half. But on the half line, the falcons are protected by the falcons and choose to abandon the kick. The third Falcon attack was the saints completely suppressed, also choose to punt. The third 6 yards, Drew Bracey did not hesitate to find long left Thomas, 22 yards of half. But after a third attack without number enough, Bracey also grabbed a. The falcons offense, Matt Ryan to find their own right not resigned to playing second fiddle, No. second over Muhammad Sanou, grapple for the latter to get rid of 20 yards. One gear 15 yards, Lane found Julio - Jones on the left, and the latter grabbed the ball and grabbed the ball for the first attack. After the line of continuous mistakes led to Matt Ryan was sacked also lose a foul, but Matt Ryan still found Freeman got the first attack into saints half thirty yard line. Three to 8 yards, Matt Ryan found Hope got the first attack. Red zone, Freeman got 8 yards after continuous shaking, Matt Ryan a very deceptive false true run to get the first attack distance is only a code region. After the falcons play a few times tricks, let offensive tackle into the region the intention of the ball, but.

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