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Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) this season, although already 30 years old, but still won the NFL this season to punch the ball mawang. Before the interview, Peterson told reporters that he is now the best league running back, when asked who is two time running back, he told us that Sunday game across the Seattle Seahawks veteran horse Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). Peterson said that the two runner in the League was him. Although Lynch only scored 417 yards in 7 games this season, Lynch, 29 years old, had at least 1200 yards in every four seasons in the past four seasons. Lynch on Sunday against the Minnesota Seahawks Vikings in the National League wild card race on the first play of Peterson hope, hope to meet him. , "I remember participating in the NFL draft with him. We trained together in Arizona, and I knew he could not ignore it later." Peterson said, "his nickname beasts mode is for a reason: he is very powerful and fast. His lateral movement, his direction, his vision is great. Even if he didn't play many games this year, I still think he was the second best runner in the league, no doubt. "Compared with Lynch, I'm faster. I don't think he can change quickly like me, but his lateral movement is amazing. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Lynch returned from his hernia surgery. He attended all the training this week, but Peterson missed his second training this week because of a back injury. Peterson said he was ready to go all in to play in the match on Sunday. Coach Mike Gilmore (Mike Zimmer) also said he would not have any restrictions on Peterson. "This is the playoffs." Gilmore said, "he is ready. It feels very, very good. "said the fourth, we all liked the kind of player that was like a sleepy lion in the last few years, the last year. NFL scouts are fiercely discussing the quarterback Blaine Bennet (Bryan Bennett) of the Southeastern Louisiana. The former Oregon player was Darren Thomas (Darron Thomas) and Marcus Mario Kobita (Macus-Mariota) of the bench. He was 6 feet, 3, 205 pounds, with excellent athletic ability and arm strength to make him a foothold in NFL. What does the Josh - Shaw (Josh Shaw) scandal have on his talent show? In my opinion, the market will not fall for the time being. The two ankle injuries, the suspension of the competition, and the deception of the police were all his previous injuries to him. You have to know that one day maybe a child will grow up. If you want to get Shaw down on my show board, some background checks are needed. Of course we are going to mark him with the asterisk. This is a child who has a problem in the field. Braxton - Miller (Braxton Miller) and Winston (Jameis Winston) - jeems is now two players University League of the fire. There are three scouts said to me, they do not assess the two quarterback early, they still may have stayed for the 2015 season of the league. Team scouts don't put too much effort into the junior players too early. But in my opinion, Winston is very likely to take part in the draft. A scout director told me that Winston had all the quarterback's offensive weapons, but his character was worried. Brice - Patti (Bryce Petty), the quarterback of the Baylor University, has been greatly appreciated on the field, in personality, and in leadership. But one quarterback expert noticed that Patti's biggest problem was how to use the protection of the frontline. the big 44 quarterback overall not strong, but junior quarterback and is rich, known as the Mario Kobita, Winston, from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Brett Hendry (Brett Hundley). (MSU) and Michigan state quarterback Cook test (Connor Cook) has also been mostly scouts noticed, perhaps he had Black Bohr Corrientes (Blake Bortles) similar to the increase in space. 11 28, the University of Nebraska competition at University of Iowa, attracted a lot of scouts and team managers. Nebraska's defensive frontline , Randy Gregory (Randy Gregory) and Iowa left attack Brandon Brandon Brandon are all the top five players in the season. has one other player, but it's not a college player, that's DU).NFL????|????o?????|?50???????????|????? a few days ago, many people were still worried about whether the fiftieth Super Bowl's midfield show would be bad. Bruno - Marrs (Bruno Mars) and whether Beyonce and Coldplay appeared together on the stage? on Friday, Marrs announced his own news on the social networking site. He wrote, "how can this grand party be without me? if you remember the Super Bowl in 2014, you believe it's a decision to sit on your seat and wait for Marrs to appear. well, would he really come out?The official website of NFL | saints shall sign the Fairlie | football defensive tackle New Orleans saints will add desperately needed helpers to their defensive frontlines. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Friday, according to people familiar with the matter, the saints will sign the defensive cut-off Nick Fairlie (Nick Fairley). the new England patriots in lost, Nicks (Akiem Hicks) after the intention to sign Fairlie, but eventually withdrew from the competition. The saints are in urgent need of a passing attack on the inside of the defensive front. In addition to Cameron - Jordan (Cameron Jordan), the saints did not have a defensive frontline player to disturb the quarterback last season. Fairlie has a shortcoming as a defender in every file, but he can hit the quarterback of his opponent. Last season as a squad player playing for the Saint Louis rams, he was named the defensive football occupation focused strikers sixth good passing impact hands. In the last 5 seasons, Fairlie has been a good passing player every season. has been disappointed in Fairlie's early career in Detroit. He has proved in the past two seasons that he can become a destructive player when he is healthy. He will be on the inside defensive front with John - Jenkins (John Jenkins). The signing of the does not mean that the saints will not choose a defensive front in the draft or to introduce a veteran in the free agent market. Fairlie behaved best in rotation, not the number of 60% defensive gears.

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