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This week's week night before the game, Lewis crow legend Baltimore linebacker ray (Ray Lewis) said that if he chose to love him more in Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) in his play, not Bill Bailey chick (Bill Belichick). After defeated Buffalo Bill 20 - 13 in the new England patriots, Lewis explained his choice. He said: "Rex and Bill are similar people, but Rex's words are always from the heart. He can build his prestige in the team, no players will not listen to him." Lewis continued to explain: "I just mean to make choices. If you ask me whether I am Rex or Bill, I choose Rex, because he is like a player's father, not just for you to play." , if Lewis is talking about the same points between both of them, they are all NFL's coaches. I believe you will agree, but their styles are quite different. Of course, Ryan and Lewis have taken the super bowl together, and then Ryan is a defensive coach. It is clear that Lewis wanted to express is more like Ryan and cooperation rather than said coach Bibeli Ryan is a good. But it is clear that such a statement will be attacked by many people.NFL's official website, Drew Bracey will debut in the saints final preseason in football, wo New Orleans saints very want to cha cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nge the team momentum in the preseason poor performance, so the main team four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) is likely to start in the last season before the match against Baltimore crow. we're going to play a lot of the main players in the early days of the game, the saints coach Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) said. I think it's very important for these players to play in these places. So our plan for the first part of the first quarter was to get the first players to play and change at some time. when asked whether this includes Bracey and other players who usually didn't play in the last pre-season games, Payton said, our plan is to let these people start. Yes, this is our plan. Bracey before the season the match and the performance is not bad, he completed 15 of 21 passes 144 yards and 2 touchdowns 1 passes by steals. but the attack group performance in the pre-season game losing streak in bad -- especially in the pass line protection and punch the ball attack in poor performance. The timing of the saints' poor performance can't be worse, and last month Payton stressed that he would be more likely to win in the pre - season than ever this year. Payton says young saints need to build confidence and win culture after two consecutive seasons of 7 wins and 9.The design of the main stadium is inspired by the Losangeles landmark architecture and art decoration. The black gold match at home is the eternal color. Choose elegant white jersey collocation noble gold, Latin traditional color and dark shirt printed together. The huge YouTube TV LOGO matches the wake - up red start button, and such a sponsor fan doesn't think it's hard to remember. Logo position precisely the position of the heart, it seems that the team's loyal already chose the team and always stand together.In the base of | Chinese base co three measures of awesome | softball Olympic development still leave quickly 's address to , vice director of the center of the hand music bar, Jiang Xiuyun is a World Softball day event in which small and medium players are playing Cleveland, June 13th Beijing (reporter Liu Xiangqian) after the 2008 Olympic Games, softball temporarily left the Olympic family, but in three years Chinese softball is in vigorous development, did not seem to say goodbye to the influence of the Olympic games. Jiang Xiuyun, deputy director of the center of the State Sports Administration, revealed the reason behind the speech at the World Softball day. Jiang Xiuyun said in his speech that after the 2008 Olympic Games, softball temporarily left the Olympic family. The Chinese Softball Association revised the project development plan and strengthened the development of softball from three levels: first is to continue to develop softball sports, increase the training of coaches and athletes, and focus on the development of softball events in the Asian Games preparation and national games. two is to advance soft softball into primary and secondary school. With the close cooperation of China Softball Association and education department, 500 primary and secondary schools of soft softball in 11th Five-Year reached 31 provinces and autonomous regions in mainland China. During 12th Five-Year we will be more closely with the education sector to strengthen cooperation, give full play to the educational function of softball, comprehensively promote the softball in the schools, effects of softball tracing on the physical and mental development of young people, continue to host the national and regional sports activities, to strengthen international exchanges. three is developing slow pitch softball among college students and amateur people, contributing to the national fitness program. Through the development of these years, the slow throw softball has already formed a certain scale. The number of people and teams participating in the national slow throw softball activities is increasing year by year, resulting in a certain scale and effect, forming a good social impact. Mr Jiang Xiuyun's deputy director of the as we unveil the Olympic softball in three years I still get the cause of the rapid development, and the current rapid development of softball scene also let us have confidence in the future of the softball movement: China Softball Association and the Chinese Institute of Education jointly promote soft softball into primary and secondary school, which has been carried out for three years. China Softball Association and China University Sports Association Baseball and softball branch cooperation to promote softball into colleges and universities, at present, the activity has also been developing rapidly, and has achieved initial results. , in recent years, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Shaanxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, ",", ",", ",", ",", ","

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