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The official website of NFL | Rivera will wear the Super Bowl champion ring | football competition Carolina Black Panther coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) will carry his twentieth Super Bowl champion to participate in the fiftieth super bowl next week, but he will not choose to wear this ring. in the twentieth super bowl, Rivera stands for the Chicago bear to win 46-10 of the new England patriots. Rivera said: the ring represents the past experience and the players, the ring itself is not necessary, the important thing is to fight for the people. Speaking of the upcoming games, Rivera was calm and excited: about the fiftieth super bowl, I told the players that this is an experience, and we need to finish the competition finally, which is what we are focused on now. I told the players to accept it, enjoy it, and integrate it. local time Friday, the team ended his last training at Sherlock. On Sunday, local time, they will leave for California. The team revealed that the team carried out full equipment training on Friday to maintain its state and excitement.The official website of NFL | saints shall sign the Fairlie | football defensive tackle New Orleans saints will add desperately needed helpers to their defensive frontlines. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) repo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rted on Friday, according to people familiar with the matter, the saints will sign the defensive cut-off Nick Fairlie (Nick Fairley). the new England patriots in lost, Nicks (Akiem Hicks) after the intention to sign Fairlie, but eventually withdrew from the competition. The saints are in urgent need of a passing attack on the inside of the defensive front. In addition to Cameron - Jordan (Cameron Jordan), the saints did not have a defensive frontline player to disturb the quarterback last season. Fairlie has a shortcoming as a defender in every file, but he can hit the quarterback of his opponent. Last season as a squad player playing for the Saint Louis rams, he was named the defensive football occupation focused strikers sixth good passing impact hands. In the last 5 seasons, Fairlie has been a good passing player every season. has been disappointed in Fairlie's early career in Detroit. He has proved in the past two seasons that he can become a destructive player when he is healthy. He will be on the inside defensive front with John - Jenkins (John Jenkins). The signing of the does not mean that the saints will not choose a defensive front in the draft or to introduce a veteran in the free agent market. Fairlie behaved best in rotation, not the number of 60% defensive gears.Brown, the new Cleveland Hue coach Hue Jackson, once said last month that he will make sure the first quarterback candidate will not be hesitant before the start of the tournament. But in an interview on Wednesday, he admitted that he was not ready to set the first quarterback now. He said in an interview, "when the time is right, I'll let you know the first time and believe me." Jackson once suggested in May that he had observed almost the state of Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III), but now he also called "making the right decisions and not being quick." Griffin needs to show excellent state in training so that the coaching team can give him the first place as early as possible. After all, he hasn't led the team since December 2014. , but Griffin's current state is generally satisfactory. Jackson said, "Griffin is making progress now. He is getting stronger every day. He can feel that he is doing better and better."Handball | Liu Yandong: efforts to promote China's sports country to sports power forward | hand Association Liu Yandong emphasized the coordinated development of competitive sports and mass sports at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games commendation conference of the General Administration of sports and the Olympic Committee of China. We should strive to promote our country from a sports power to a sports power. Xinhuanet.com Beijing on 6 October, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and State Councilor Liu Yandong attended the 6 Olympic sports administration, China of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 in recognition of the general assembly and stressed that the sports system should seriously study and deeply understand the general secretary Hu Jintao in the Beijing Olympic Games, Paralympic Games sum in recognition of important speech of the conference, start from zero, make persistent efforts, continuous reform and innovation, promote scientific development, coordinated development of competitive sports and mass sports, efforts to promote China's sports country to sports power forward. Liu Yandong said the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the loving care, the national sports front coordination and joint efforts to achieve a breakthrough in competitive sports in Beijing Olympic Games, achieved honors sports results and spiritual civilization double harvest, commended advanced collectives and exemplary character interpretation the patriotism, dedication, dedication, innovation, unity of the Beijing Olympic Games spirit to take practical action to win the honor for the motherland and the people, to add luster to sports in our country. Liu Yandong stressed that the sports system should seriously study and implement the general secretary Hu Jintao important instructions on the development of China's sports spirit, adhere to enhance the people's physique, improve the physical quality and the quality of life for the whole nation, conscientiously sum up the 30 years of reform and opening up our sports career development and the successful experience of Beijing Olympic Games competition and existence the gap between the rules and characteristics of pursuing sports work, the courage to practice, the courage to change and innovation, and strive to create a new situation of sports development. Liu Yandong, to continue the development of mass sports, the construction of fitness facilities, improve the mass sports organization, vigorously carry out the national fitness campaign; to improve their physique, promote the comprehensive development of young people; according to the characteristics of different stages of athletes' career and demand, pay attention to the athlete culture and education, improve the level of scientific training, and constantly improve the disabled security, social insurance, employment policies and measures to solve the menace from the rear of athletes. To climb the peak in the new starting point, new heights.

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