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The official website of NFL | United final patriot tablet computer collective strike | football now we can forget the spy door and the vent door, because there's a flat door right away. in the second quarter of the final of the American League, CBS's video camera took the new England patriots coaching team to handle their tablets on the sidelines, while the tablet computers on the Denver wild horses still worked well. Tablet PC is used to watch static competition photos, to help players better understand their opponent's habits and treatment of each ball, which is very helpful for preparing for matches. After the , league officials said that the wild horse's tablet computer operates normally in the competition, and Denver does not need to be responsible for the patriarch's tablet computer failure.Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) cheap nfl jerseys free shipping previously disclosed, or will be in their offseason knee surgery. On Saturday, local time, his agent introduced Rothlisberger's latest situation and revealed that it did not need to be operated on. 's agent said: "Ben accepted the diagnosis of team doctors and related experts, and they decided that the injury did not require surgical treatment. But to be sure, he will not take part in the job bowl half a month later. Look forward to from a knee injury as soon as possible, he wants to keep healthy in the offseason, with more time to participate in the training, and his teammates running in phase." for the Steelers and Rothlisberger himself is a good news, this will not only help him stay, will to a certain extent to the influence of his new contract. Rothlisberger Be Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) is one year old, and is about to negotiate a renewal with the team. Rothlisberger naturally hopes to sign a high salary contract at this age, and healthy physical condition will help him get more chips in the negotiation process. The Steelers quarterback is very satisfied with the performance, the insider said the team will try to meet the requirements of Rothlisberger.looks like the Dallas cowboy team has a new Thanksgiving tradition: they wore a blue jersey in the Thanksgiving day competition for second years, which is the only time the cowboy had been wearing the blue shirt at home for the two time. usually, the Cowboys will wear white shirts in the home match. According to the cowboy official website, the reason for changing the Jersey is that the team manager Tex Schramm doesn't want the fans to be tired of the white shirts that they must wear every week. if the cowboy chooses to wear blue at home, the team must wear white so that the two sides can make up a blue and white landscape. And if the Cowboys wear white, they can choose the dark shirt at will, whether it is the red of the Kansas City Chiefs or the green of the Philadelphia hawks.The official website of NFL | Cleveland Brown is willing to continue trading down in the first round of | football Cleveland Brown is preparing to trade down again in the first round of the draft? NFL website reporter Ian reported Wednesday at hand eighth Shun Brown management picks already and multi branch with the intention of trading for the former Ohio State University running back Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott ezrin Kiel) team contacted. The New York giant, selected by the at tenth, the Chicago bear selected by eleventh, and the thirteenth selected Miami dolphins are all reasonable trading objects. Elliot thought he was the most likely to be selected by the bear team, he said in an interview Tuesday that the bear team liked him. But the bears do not think the number one running guard will fall back this year. It is possible that Elliot will be chosen by the Dallas cowboy at fourth. The giants and the dolphins may all need a new main runner. Brown, who is badly in need of talent, is also so, but vice president Sassy Brown (Sashi Brown) told reporters that they have locked the target of eighth ranking. If the player was chosen before or had a scary price for the team, they would be willing to deal with the draft. when Brown will pick to Philadelphia in exchange for a lot of Eagle Trading picks, they made it clear that may not end the efforts to continue trading. But at some point you have to use your right to draft and final. , as for Elliot, rose steadily in the period before the draft. We think he won't have to wait a long time to be selected.

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