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Cannot run NFL official website | -- dilemma Panther Newton | Rugby , in the past two seasons, the attack team of the Carolina Black Panther would never have thought that their Cam quarterback Cam Newton will not run away this season. at present, the Panthers are 2, 2 and 18.3, ranking twenty-eighth. The number of field running yards is only 71 yards, ranking twenty-ninth. But running is supposed to be the main means of the Panthers. , yes, the offensive line is not strong enough this season, and all the running guards are injured, but the attack is stagnant. The more reason is that Newton doesn't take more running as he did in the first year. Newton has said that the offensive team has shown enough output, at least better than last season, but can't extend it again. , he said, "we need to carry out the offensive tactics better. This is what we must do. We started attacking and got several first attacks, and then we went out. We need to focus on each attack and get 6 points instead of 3. but then again, everything is to mention Newton and his foot. He held 7.6 games in the first thr cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ee seasons, pushing 5.6 yards, equal to 42.6 yards in a match. The third is to run a lot and eventually won the first attack. But it didn't happen this season. In the first three games of , Newton completed a total of 8 runs of 33 yards. He was not able to run the ball because his knee was not healed. Or is the coach to protect him? Or is he afraid of being injured again? At a press conference on Wednesday, Newton answered all these questions. Newton said: no matter what the coach asked me to do, it was the first thing I thought, and it was my job to call me to run and stop. What I did was to help the team better, when I needed to run because the defense was loose, or that the attack had to run for me. My knees are getting better and stronger, and my running talent is back. My body really slowed down, but it gave me plenty of time to think about whether it was a run or a pass. For the last two weeks I just felt that I had no chance to run. The defender was always looking at me and didn't give me a chance to run.The official website of NFL | the next Super Bowl ads 30 seconds 6 million dollars | football The average price of forty-ninth Super Bowl TV ads is close to 30 seconds, 4 million dollars, but this is not the highest point. According to CBS TV, they predict that the Super Bowl advertising will reach 30 seconds and 6 million dollars in February next year. The chief executive of CBS said: there is no doubt that 30 seconds of advertising is close to $500-600 million, and our ads are absolutely sold out. But you need to know that in the first three years and 30 seconds in the first three years of the Super Bowl advertising, the ad was just $3 million 800 thousand. data show that this super bowl attracted 114 million 400 thousand viewers. The past five super bowl is regarded as the most worth watching Series in the history of American TV. In fact, it's all about the needs of the fans, at least for now, American football has reached the highest demand in the United States since its history.The lasted an offseason for the new England patriots "deflation" incident still did not stop, but the most fast enough to wait until the weekend things can finally have a conclusion. Houston Dezhou boss Bob McConnell (Bob McNair) but at this juncture suddenly speech, criticized the incident protagonist Tom Brady (Tom Brady) for the treatment of the matter is not good enough. McNair said in a radio interview, "patriots and Brady first claimed to cooperate fully with the union investigation. When the League really sent the investigation team, they pushed away in a variety of ways, which led to the expansion of the whole situation. If the client is JJ- Watt (J.J.Watt), he will no doubt accept the investigation. I don't think Watt will (like Brady) destroy his cell phone. in connection with Brady was suspended for four games of the League hearing, claiming that Brady ruined his mobile phone before the survey, union president Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) said the reason is largely upheld, taking into account the Brady destroy evidence is very bad behavior. Brady has already said he will appeal to the federal court to uphold its own rights. McNair continues to say, "now who has solid evidence to prove that he was involved in it?" Did not?? But our ultimate goal is to hope that every minute and every second in the NFL arena is fair and fair. Every player is equal and no player is qualified to violate the rules.The official website of NFL | center Le Gorski to return to the Pittsburgh Steelers rugby | the first center Maerjisi - poncy (Maurkice Pouncey) injury cases, Pittsburgh Steelers increased insurance for this position. The team announced Doug Le Gorski (Doug Legursky) to return to the team on Tuesday. The 29 year old Center since the 2009 season played 4 seasons for the Steelers, starting 17 games. He started 7 games for Buffalo Bill in the 2013 season. In the last season due to a knee injury before he was placed in the injured reserve list as San Diego lightning third Andrew played 2 games. Le Gorski's first NFL game is the forty-fifth super bowl, then lost to the Steelers in the Green Bay Packers games he replaced the injured pouncy battle. Le Gorski will serve as a replacement for the substitutes of Cody Wallace, which will replace ponsi as the first one. Ponsi was absent for a long time because of an ankle injury in the second pre - season.

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