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Tennessee Titan has been performing poorly this season. So far, it has only won two victories. It can only be ranked third in the Southern League of United States. It lost the qualification of the playoffs early. So sluggish performance also makes the management of Titan worried the Titan CEO Tommy Smith (Tommy Smith) on Wednesday expressed his first for head coach Ken Whisenhunt (Ken Whisenhunt) and general manager Webster Ralston (Ruston Webster) understanding and support, but he also said the Titan the team is not for sale, will make a big change in the offseason to the team. Smith said: "the squad of the squad is going to be changed next year, so players are going to try their best to fight for the remaining four games, which is likely to decide whether they can stay in the team next sea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping son. With this contract with long Never mind, some players may have just signed with us about, but it does not mean that next year will not leave." Smith added: "I can assure you that everything I do is for the good team. My goal is to build a strong team that can win the game and make the fans strong. I know that there must be a lot of people saying, 'you're only two - ten now and you want to be a strong team?' I also think that is a long way to go, but I'm not the construction team if we will always be weak, someone must be responsible, then let me."earlier this week, there was news that Bill was interested in quarterback Josh Ross (Josh Rosen) of University of California in Losangeles. in order for this to happen, Bill needs to get the first ten. It is reported that the Bill management team is now talking to a number of teams trying to get or deal with the ten sign. The team had started four quarterback Thailand (Tyrod Taylor) - Lord Taylor in the next few weeks may be traded or waived. from the draft of the current situation, Ross, Sam - darnold (Sam Darnold), Buckley - Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) and Josh Alan (Josh Allen) are likely to make the top ten ranking. now Bill has 2 first - wheel swabs, 21 and 22, and 2 second - round signs.The official website of NFL |49 General Manager: Gore hope to stay in the team | football San Francisco 49 runners Frank Gore (Frank Gore) has been playing for many years for the team and has almost become one of the labels of 49 people. Gore after the end of the season will be a free agent, but in the game last week in the 26 time Gore scored a 158 yard rushing touchdowns with the best performance of the season, the performance also let the 49 management have no hope has to begin to review the 31 year old veteran. 49 general manager Trent Bahrke (Trent Baalke) directly said on Tuesday in an interview: we don't want Gore to leave the team next year. if 49 people really want to sign Gore's curious, they will give what kind of contract will, after all, Gore as a running back is older, and now 49 people have already had the rookie Carlos - Hyde (Carlos Hyde) as a substitute for Gore, actually 49 people is not so Gore. But since Gore has been the team veteran, has stable play each season since 10 years, no serious injury history, also has a very low error rate, 49 people still hope that it can be used as Hyde's mentor to help its growth.Minnesota Vikings new stadium will open to the public a week later, but there is a big problem at the stadium. The stadium is likely to encounter a large number of migratory birds. environmentalists have informed the stadium builder that the glass shape of the stadium is likely to attract the attention of a large number of birds. Their impact on the wall may cause a lot of deaths. But Leicester - President of the Vikings (Lester Bagley) said Le Bagh stadium workers so far did not find a similar situation. The Vikings have now invested 300 thousand dollars in a 3 year study to ensure that such potential tragedies are eliminated. Viking in August 28th in the new stadium stadium for the first time bank of America completed their pre-season game, against the San Diego lightning.

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